Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Brausen Residence

This was a simple design that I did for a house in the Fort Russel District here in Moscow. The home was owned by an elderly lady who just wanted a few little additions here and there and was very clear that she did not like the cottage garden look - just simple and clean (and super low maintenance). This was very difficult for me as I tend to pack as much as I can into a planting bed, but I think that the design ended up being exactly what she wanted.

This is a great example of a small yet comprehensive plan. When you have an already established landscape, sometimes all you need is some guidance in a few areas to revamp what you have and use it to its fullest potential. We planted a few additional shrubs to screen off her side patio, put in a hedge to screen off the neighbor's yard, added a path around the house on the north side, and added some edging to clean up the boundaries between planting beds and lawn. Simple, but effective.