Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nightingale Residence

This project was a new construction with some significant slopes to deal with. The front and back yards were flat, but the back yard was a good 10' below the front yard, and then there was a large slope down from the back yard to the rear property line. The theme of the front yard was mostly "cottage garden" with lots of perennials and flowering shrubs.

The North Side (the North Slope) was going to be the least used portion of the yard, so we kept it simple, low maintenance, with some drough tolerant plants.

The South Side was more visible so we put in more perennials and shrubs.

I usually abhor junipers, but sometimes they really are the best option. This back slope was steep, and with a small shrub border along the top, it was not going to be visible from anywhere else in the yard (and barely noticeable from the house). Junipers were a cheap, easy, no maintenance solution. They would be able to survive from the run-off that the sprinklers on the lawn above gave.

Time: 18 hours